Meisan Old English Sheepdogs - Latest News


  • Chickie - Meisan Princess Chickarina (1998 - 2009)       It is with great sadness we announce loss another of our gang (the second this year) Meisan Princess Chicarina died peacefully at home in the early hours on Sunday morning, aged 11. She had been diagnosed earlier in the summer with an enlarged heart. She seemed off colour so we decided to stay up with her through the night.

  • Chick didn't like showing (although she often won when out as a youngster)and was happy to stay at home and organise the others. A gentle character who loved life and helped raise my lambs this spring, she still checked them every day and spent Saturday playing in the garden with her 2 litter brothers and Mother (who is 14).

    She will be missed by all of us but especially Gabriel and Angelica her nephew and niece as she was their rock since loosing Molly (their Mother) in January.



  • TALLULAH wins her 4th CC and BEST OF BREED at The Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show under breed specialist Ray Wilkinson (Pockethall). Gabriel was 4th in Limit dog
  • On the 15th Lottie celebrated her 14th Birthday - she had a check up at the vets and he said she was remarkable for her age!
  • On the 11th the remaining "Sun" litter celebrated their 11th Birthday with cards and cake.
  • Paignton Championship Show (no CC’s) was judged by Mis Dorothy Malins (Embages) and Tallulah won Best Bitch and BOB. Jellybean stood 2nd to Lullu in Open and then took Res Best Bitch – a super day!
  • At Bakewell Premier Dog Show (judged by Ted Lee), Tallulah won BOB and Gabriel was shown for the first time by Make and won his class.

JULY 2009

  • Tallulah had a disappointing 5th  at the East of England Championship Dog Show under Sue Garner.
  • At the National Working and Pastoral Breeds Championship Show Tallulah stood 2nd in Open under Lynnette Small.

JUNE 2009

  • At the East Anglian OES Club Open Show Judged by Sharon Toliday, Tallulah won Open Bitch, Best Bitch and BEST IN SHOW. The BIS trophy is a silver cup bigger than lullu! There is a photo of her with it in the show gallery. Gabriel was 2nd in Post Grad Dog.
  • Three Counties Championship Show (no CC’s) was judged by Terri Reed (charmlea) and Tallulah won Best Bitch and BOB.
  • At Blackpool Championship Show Jellybean stood 3rd in open then partnered Tallulah to win the Working and Pastoral Brace Stakes under Ellis Hulme. This win was especially good as Molly and BB won the same class back in 2001.

MAY 2009

  • BB has Septic Arthritis in his shoulder and was very ill for a week, he is feeling much better now.
  • Tallulah had a disappointing 2nd at the National Championship Dog Show under Christina Bailey.

APRIL 2009

  • At the Working and Pastoral Breed of Wales Championship Show (no CC’s for OES) Tallulah won Open Bitch, Best Bitch and Best Opposite Sex under Colin Laybourne.
  •  TALLULAH wins her 3rd CC and CHAMPION title at the OES Club of Wales Championship Show under judge Ted Lee. She was Also BEST IN SHOW. She is now “CH Meisan Moonlight Serenade JW Sh CM”,  Lullu is our 2nd Champion in twelve months!!
  • At the same show Gabriel won Post Grad Dog qualifying him for Crufts and Barney was 4th in veteran.
  • Video of the judging is on You Tube -

MARCH 2009

  • We had a disappointing day at Crufts our only place was Tallulah who won a 2nd. Jelleybean was on TV taking part in the International Young Handlers Finals with the Spanish finalist.


  • Sarah had the honour of being invited to judge the South Eastern OES Club’s Open Show – results and pictures are on the club’s website (links page)
  • Tallulah and the “Moon” litter celebrate their 5th birthday
  • At the North Western OES Club’s Open Show Barney won BEST VETERAN IN SHOW under Cilla Reynolds (Cillastyle)


  •  At Manchester Championship Dog Show Tallulah won Open bitch, Best Bitch and Best Opposite Sex under judge Dave Topliss (Carave). Jellybean was 3rd in open.

  • At the East Anglian OES Club’s Open Show Tallulah won Open Bitch under Lynn McEwan

  • Lichfield Canine Society Open Show Tallulah won BOB AVNSC and Pastoral Group 2 under Pat Chadwick.

  •  Molly - CH Meisan Roly Poly Sunbeam, 1989-2009

    It is with great sadness we said a final goodbye to Molly this morning (13th Jan). She would have been ten and a half next month. Five months ago she was diagnosed with renal failure and give 1 – 4 weeks to live. Our “borrowed time” has been wonderful and she enjoyed life to the full even going as a spectator to a club show in September.

    She was a true champion not just in the show ring but in all aspects of the life she loved, never cross or sulky she was a delight to live with, she was UK Breed Council Dog of the Year in 2002 and partied with us after the event instead of going up to the rooms like the other dogs who didn't like the noise. She will leave a massive hole at home – Jellybean (her daughter) has not eaten since Molly went into the vets on Saturday morning and her brothers, sisters, son  and Mother are looking for her in the house and garden.

             Molly you will never leave our hearts sleep well our beautiful sunshine girl.


  • Claire has written an article about her experiences trying to train Purdy to work sheep for the Midland Year Book. A copy of the article will soon be in the gallery


  • The girls and boys have been enjoying a rest from the showring
  • Sarah and Victoria posed for the Midland OES Club's 2009 calendar - a take off of the original calendar girls theme but with OES instead of buns! Details of the calendar are on the Club's website (see links page).


  • Tallulah won Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show at the OES Club of Wales Open Show under Sandra Bushell (Aryakas).
  • Very sad news - Cyril Squirrel passed away today (17th) he was diagnosed with pneumonia two days ago. He reached the grand old age of seven.


  • We have a new four legged member of our family - her name is Ferne and she is a 5 year old, bay, 16hh Thoroughbred horse. She doesn't as yet have a registered name but a picture of her is the horse section of the gallery.
  • On the 15th Lottie celebrated her 13th Birthday - she now intends to act like a teenager!
  • On the 11th the "Sun" litter celebrated their 10th Birthday with cards and cake.
  • Bournemouth Championship Show Jellybean wins Open Bitch and her 4th CC under judge Kim Reeves! Tallulah was 2nd to Bean in Open and 5th in a very large Stakes class.
  • At the Old English Sheepdog Club Champ Show under Barry Croft Jellybean won the Reserve Bitch CC. Florence (Tallulah's sisier) and Bruce came to the show to see us.

JULY 2008

  • Talullah won her 2nd CC at East of England Champ Show under breed specialist Sue Goddard (Oakfarm) it is 2 1/2 years since she won her first from Ann Arch. We have all our fingers crossed she will now win her 3rd.
  • Cyril Squirrel celebrated his 7th Birthday.
  • Barney & BB are both fully recovered from their operations and enjoying life to the full again.

JUNE 2008

  • Purdy celebrated her first birthday with cake and a party.
  • Talullah won another Best Of Breed at Cheshire County Show under Mick Taylor. Gabriel also the won Limit class.
  • At Three Counties Show Tallulah won the Pastoral and Terrier Mim Clay Open Stakes judged by Mrs Ann Arch (who awarded Lullu her CC). She was also Res Best Bitch in the breed section.
  • BB (M. Summer Sensation JW) suffered bloat (without a torsion) in the night, luckily he sleeps upstairs and woke Sarah, so we were able to get him to the vets in time, he is now back home recovering from his surgery.


MAY 2008

  • At Staffordshire County Show Tallulah won Best AVNSC and Pastoral Group 1, she combined winning these with helping Sarah on the College stand and looking at the livestock. Pictures showing Tallulah's movement are in the gallery.
  • At the East Anglian Club's Open Show,Molly and Barney stood 1st and 2nd in Veteran, Molly also won best Veteran in Show. A photo of them taken by Ray Owen is in the gallery.

APRIL 2008

  • Jelly is now CHAMPION Meisan Roly Poly Angelica!! she won the CC with BOB at WELKS Champ Show under judge Mrs Margaret Hulbert. Tallulah stood 2nd in the Open Bitch class.

  • At the Working & Pastoral Breeds of Wales Champ Show Tallulah won Best of Breed Under Trevor Mills and made the final cut of 7 in a full (30 breed) group under Mrs Burtenshaw.

  • Tragedy struck on the 17th Tosca shattered her leg aged 32 years and had to be put down. We are all distraught as she was 12 months old when Sandra’s father bought her. When I am able to write it she will have a page dedicated to our beloved "black bat".

  • Barney had his stitches removed today and the vet says he is making great progress, next week he can start going for short walks again. He was also weighed and has lost 3.5kg since his operation.

  • Barney (M. Sunshine Super Bear) has recovered sufficiently to put this on the site, last week he suffered a gastric torsion (his stomach filled with gas and twisted). Large deep chested dogs are more prone to this happening and the mortality rate is high. Luckily we were at home when it happened and got him straight to the Veterinary Hospital, he was in theatre for 3 ½ hours then in intensive care for 3 days. He came home yesterday and is being pampered by all. We are so lucky to still have him as this is the same condition as we lost Sally with ten years ago.

MARCH 2008

  • CRUFTS - Jelly (Meisan Roly Poly Angelica) wins the BITCH CC and Best Opposite Sex under Mrs Sue Swatkins!!!!   Jelly won Limit Bitch, Tallulah won the Good Citizens class and Gabriel was 5th in Post Grad Dog. This our best Crufts ever, pictures in the gallery and full results on .

Crufts critique by judge: Mrs. S. Swatkins (UK)

My dog C.C. & B.O.B. Ch. Brinkley Sir Jonny was in outstanding form, today, he moved round the ring as though he owned it, a great showman and very worthy ambassador for the breed. My lovely Bitch C.C. Meisan Roly Poly Angelica stole my heart, oozing quality so feminine and such a wonderful type, what you see is what you get, she's gorgeous.


Limit Bitch. (18)
l. Winson's - MEISAN ROLY POLY ANGELICA - This stunning young lady was my find of the day. I just could not take my eyes off her. Such a cracking honest type and so cobby. Superb reach of neck and glorious head with melting expression. Correct size for me no legginess here and her harsh jacket has a good break and is a lovely colour. She brings back memories of the outstanding type of bitches we had in abundance many years ago. No hesitation in awarding her the C.C.


Good Citizen Bitch (5)
l. Winson's - MOONLIGHT SERENADE JW SHCM - This is a larger type of bitch and slightly longer cast. She has a good head and nice deep ribcage, ample bone and good angulation. Her coat was presented well, she is pleasing to the eye and deserved this placing.


  • At the North Western OES Club Champ show Molly won Veteran Bitch under Ann Lucas (who gave Molly her 4th CC) and then won BEST VERTERAN IN SHOW as a unanimous decision of Ann and Carol Birdsall (Dog judge). Purdy and Claire also won a second minor puppy class. A picture of Molly is in the show gallery.


  • Lulla went to the North Eastern OES Club Champ Show under Mr Bill Moore (Shimorill) and stood 2nd in a large open bitch class, after the show we went for tea with Coaster and his family in Darlington. Lullu and Coaster enjoyed playing together again.


  • Lulla again won Best AVNSC Pastoral under judge Keith Baldwin at Lichfield Canine Society.
  • Claire and Purdy (Amets Morning Sun at Meisan) went to their first Championship show the East Anglian OES Club where she won Minor Puppy Bitch and qualified for Crufts 2009. Pictures of them at the show are in her gallery.
  • At Manchester Championship Show Lulla won Open AVNSC (Pastoral) Bitch, Best bitch and Reserve Best AVNSC Pastoral under Dr R James.
  • Lulla started the year with a Win and Best AVNSC at Whitchurch & District Show under allrounder Andrew Brace. This win gave her the final points for her Show Certificate of Merit (ShCM) award.